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    Shade Color of the Month: Spring Rain

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    As winter makes way for spring, everything is in bloom. The ice is thawing, the snow melting.

    Flower buds are pushing through the soil. Birds are returning in droves. It is a season of renewal,

    a chance to leave the chilly confines of winter far behind. Time to see the world with new eyes.

    One way to welcome spring this year is to surround yourself with this season’s most essential

    and invigorating colors. Comfortex’s Color of the Month is Spring Rain, a refreshing shade of

    green which captures the essence of the season which inspires. After all, few colors are as

    synonymous with a season as green is with spring.

    But, Spring Rain is not just stylish. Adding the color to any room in your house can actually

    offer mental health benefits. Color psychologists say that green has the ability to revitalize you,

    to provide you with more energy, and to give you a more positive outlook in life.

    Imagine the peacefulness of a lush wood. The serenity of a newly blossomed garden. With

    Spring Rain. these feelings will be replicated in your own home. But, Comfortex doesn’t just

    stop there. Our design experts have carefully selected from hundreds of color options to create a

    palette which perfectly pairs with Spring Rain. You can add an accent of Mother Earth for a

    richer, more balanced room, or throw in a splash of Dark Mauve for that eye-catching pop of


    Make every day feel like the first bloom of spring.

    Comfortex. Where Innovation is Always in Style™

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    Derek Rose

    Written by Derek Rose