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    Shade Color of the Month: Soft Down

    [fa icon="calendar"] Oct 28, 2016 2:33:59 PM / by Derek Rose


    In the chilly midst of autumn, you’ll want to surround yourself with colors that keep you

    warm. Comfortex’s Shade Color of the month allows you to do precisely that. Soft Down is a

    subtle, comforting color which will block out the crisp weather and piercing winds this season,

    and fill any room in your home with warmth.

    Soft Down’s off-white base makes the color timeless and the grey undertones make it

    rich. This color is a deep breath. A clear head. A blank canvas to be written upon.

    Color psychologists say white, or shades of off-white, are peaceful and mentally

    cleansing. Many people use white décor to recall their youth and innocence. It reminds them of a

    time when their lives were simpler, more carefree. The color is also known to make you more

    productive and to open lines of communication between people.

    Designers love off-white shades for their versatility, and our color experts are no

    different. They have paired a variety of other colors with Soft Down to create an exquisite, one-

    of-a- kind color palette. This month’s palette features Coastal Storm, a robust grey which

    provides a darker accent, and Coral Banks, which will infuse your house with an eye-catching

    pop of color.

    Down feathers have been keeping families warm for centuries; they are used to line

    jackets, to stuff pillows, and more. As the icy weather approaches this year, decorate your home

    with a color that is not only classic, but cozy: Soft Down.

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    Derek Rose

    Written by Derek Rose