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    Shade Color Of The Month: Plumville

    [fa icon="calendar"] Aug 2, 2016 10:29:52 AM / by Derek Rose

    Legendary fashion designer, Coco Chanel, once said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Our window shade color of the month epitomizes these words. 


    Plumville is simple, understated beauty. It blends rich hues of burgundy with a gentle accent of pink, making the color fashionable, as well as flexible. It can provide an air of sophistication to your study or a dash of passion to the bedroom. As the summer gradually begins blurring into the fall, people will choose colors that are timeless, the colors that never lose their elegance.

    So, choose Plumville this August.

    Color psychologists say that darker shades of red are stimulating, lively, and welcoming. In fact, they can have a profound effect on your personality and level of confidence. Studies have shown that athletes are more likely to beat competitors if they are wearing red, rather than any other color. Accenting your home with Plumville can instill this same poise and self-confidence in you.       

    The deep, earthy tint of Plumville can be traced back centuries to Burgundy, a small, lush region in the heartland of France. Burgundy has been producing some of the world’s most exceptional wine since the second-century AD. Their wine was so renowned for its rich, reddish hue that it became its own color.  

    Plumville maintains the long, luxurious history of burgundy, but adds its own unique flare. Make sure to use our brand new Color Lux Advisor, which will help you pair accent colors like Rose Pearl and Soft Chamois with Plumville to fully harmonize any room in your house.


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    Derek Rose

    Written by Derek Rose