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    Shade Color Of The Month: Ocean Storm

    [fa icon="calendar"] Sep 1, 2016 1:00:00 PM / by Derek Rose


    OceanStorm_CLAdvisorDealerPostcard.jpgSometimes the most beautiful things in life are the most dangerous. Ocean Storm is precisely that. It's wild. It's thrilling. We can all picture it. The water begins churning. The sky burrows into deeper shades of grey. Soon, the water and the sky become the same color, that intense, dazzling shade that’s neither blue, not grey, but somewhere in between. You can harness the awe-inspiring power of nature and place it directly into your home.

    Research has shown that people are most comfortable, most productive, and most open to communication in rooms that have blue in them. Rooms with grey in them also offer several benefits. People are able to focus better and, since grey is a harmony between black and white, they are able to find harmony and balance in their lives. Many researchers claim conclude that because these colors are so prominent in nature, they are able to put you at ease.   

    Our color experts here at Comfortex Window Fashions have designed a stunning color palette to accent Ocean Storm. Pair colors like Deep River, a warmer, richer blue, and Rose Pottery, which provides a dash of brightness, to Ocean Storm to create the perfect harmony.

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    Derek Rose

    Written by Derek Rose